Painting of the week- Dreamy Landscape no. 1

I have discovered over the years that painting landscapes is my most favorite subjctmatter to work with. I typically paint in a very realistic style but I felt a shift when I embarked on this Collection last Fall. I am a watercolor artist and I attended a Creative Workshop in Greenville, SC last September and learned some amazing oil painting techniques. The retreat was hosted by Emily Jeffords, she is an award winning oil painter and creates lovely abstract landscapes and watercolor botanicals. Her work is so amazing and what a great artist for me to learn from.

While at the retreat we painted with oils. I created a landscape from my imagination and not from life or a photo like I usually do. The result was so free and I just loved the process.

Upon my return to my studio I was energized and inspired. I designed a Collection of 4 watercolor paintings but painted in a more free and expressive style than my usual pieces. The colors just flowed and I loved every minute of working on them. This piece was the first of the four that I completed. Dreamy Landscape no. 1.

It was loosely based on a photo I captured at the beach near sunset. I didn’t want the pieces to be of a specific place but rather an expression of color and feeling. This work is so different from my surface pattern design pieces and I love the freedom it has given me. The soft lavendars, blush pinks, pale yellows balance out the deep blues of the sea. The coastal feeling is still there and that is inherent of my painting style.

A client recently viewed this piece and was so inspired that I was commissioned to create a piece of artwork just for them.

MH601_dreamy Landscape No.1.jpg