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Painting of the Week- Cape Cod Lighthouse

I am a Watercolor Artist and Surface Pattern Designer. One of the coastal images i love to capture are lighthouses. When I was a kid growing up in Connecticut we would visit friends on “the Cape”. That’s New Englander’s lingo for Cape Cod Massachusetts. I remember this lighthouse from our vacations on Cape Cod. There are 14 lighthouses on the Cape. Some of the lighthouses I have painted are ones I’ve visited but occasionally I will paint one from reference or a photo that a friend has taken.

I’m preparing for a solo art show at First and South in Greenport. This piece is one that I am planning to use in the space. It’s a depiction of Nauset Lighthouse. You may also recognize it as the lighthouse on bags of Cape Cod potato chips. It’s history is interesting “Nauset Light, officially Nauset Beach Light, is a restored lighthouse on the Cape Cod National Seashore near Eastham, Massachusetts, erected in 1923 using the 1877 tower that was moved here from the Chatham Light.” You can read more about this lighthouse on Wikipedia .

I plan to share this piece with my students to work from in an upcoming watercolor workshop. Last summer I taught a class on How to paint lighthouses to a sold out audience. The popularity of lighthouses in Coastal decor is amazing. You can be sure I will keep on painting these coastal beacons in the future. I’d love to travel and see as many lighthouses in this country as posible, then paint then all in watercolor. I love to dream!

This image is available on my website as a Giclee print. If you’d like to see it and more of my work. Here’s a quick link to my website . Thanks for following along on my creative journey!

A watercolor supply list for beginner's and any artist!

I am a watercolor artist and surface pattern designer. Over the years I have taught in many capacities. I was an adjunct professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, taught collage and painting for pre k through 6th graders at my church and local schools, been hired by many clients to create logos, fabrics, and commissioned artwork.

I have always wanted to teach workshops where I share my love of watercolor painting. I am happy to say it's happening! In December I had my first workshop at Love Lane Kitchen where my art was on display for 2 1/2 months. Instead of having an opening party I suggested a watercolor workshop at the restaurant. It was so much fun! I had 15 attendees ranging from novice to those with some painting experience. We painted leaves. the results were fantastic so varied and beautiful I will share those photos in a future post. I then hosted a smaller more intimate workshop in my studio where attendees learned about painting wreaths and greenery. I have 2 upcoming sessions in January and plan to do more at least once a month for 2018.

I wanted to share my suggested supply list. Several attendees asked for my recommendations at the events. Even if you are already a watercolor artist it's a good to have a suggestion for new art supplies. I love to buy art supplies all the time! I am an affiliate with Dick Blick so if you shop via the link here or on my sidebar I get a small commission.  If you need additional reccomendations email me!

Happy Painting!


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Let There Be Light

Once I embarked on this creative journey, one thing that I struggled with was workspace. When I moved in 2011, I set up my studio in a small den in my house. I didn’t realize how dark and uninspired my space was until one winter day when I brought all of my supplies into the Great Room and began painting where the light was so much better. But the kids would come home from school and say, “Mom, what are you doing?!”  They had no intention of sharing the room with my painting table smack in the middle. I knew that if I wanted to create, I needed a new, bigger and brighter place to do it in that didn’t impede on my children.  I asked my friend and contractor, Doug to come over and help me. We looked at converting my attic into a new space but it would have been too costly. So next we looked at the space over my garage…it had skylights, windows, electric and it had lots of potential. So in March we began to convert this unused storage space into my studio.

Once it was ready I decided to paint the plywood floors with one of my designs. I wanted it to look like there was a rug on the floor. With the help of my incredibly creative friend Michelle, we embarked on a 3 day adventure in designing and painting the floor.

I can’t believe how bright, sunny and wonderful it is! I haven’t fully

Moved in yet but I can’t wait to …

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I will share my process for painting the floor in a future blog .